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Dr. Hiroshi Komiyama

Chairman of the Institute of Mitsubishi Research Institute

A PhD holder in chemical engineering, Dr. Komiyama is best known for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research of sustainability science. His research work and papers are highly recognized in academic community and have received numerous awards.

Dr. Komiyama started his academic career in chemical engineering, advanced it in materials engineering, environmental as well as energy engineering. Besides, he founded Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science in 2005 with a vision of building a sustainable society through linking global, social and human systems.


Dr. Komiyama is also credited with establishing a Center for Knowledge Structuring in 2007 and for being one of the key people behind the “Sapporo Sustainability Declaration (SSD).” He founded a network in 2010 named “Platinum Society Network”, which defines a plan for global sustainability based on a growth strategy. This network has attracted more than 90 enterprises,   160 local governments and 70 individuals as members. It also orchestrates many initiatives and projects to achieve a “Platinum Society” where people can enjoy a better quality of life.

Dr. Komiyama’s original scientific research, his remarkable global and local contribution initiatives, and his commitment to knowledge-sharing, have been praised by his peers around the world.